Congratulations on Completing Treatment for Cancer!

Although it’s definitely a time to celebrate, I know it can also be a time of uncertainty and fear.

Now that you’ve finished treatment and have been declared “cancer-free”, are you finding that you’re:

  • Feeling anxious and unsure about what to do next to take control of your health?
  • Fearful that your cancer may come back?
  • Struggling to get back to the life you knew before cancer?
  • On pins and needles when it’s time for your next scan or appointment with your oncologist?
  • Putting your happiness on hold because you’re worried about the future?

The emotional, psychological and physical burden that the cancer journey brings can really take a toll. The constant fear and worry not only puts stress on your immune system, which your body needs in tip-top shape to remain healthy, but also keeps you from living your best, most joyful life.

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