Reducing your toxic load

We just came back from a great weekend in New York City. It was our younger son’s first trip there, so it was so much fun to watch him see everything for the first time! There is such an energy and sense of aliveness in the city that I haven’t seen in many other places. […] Read More

Stress and cancer

Hope you’re having a wonderful July! It’s been so great having my family all together for the summer but with all that greatness comes extra busyness, responsibility and yes, STRESS. I know you can relate. Of course, stress isn’t always bad.  It can help you meet a deadline, motivate you to accomplish tasks or help […] Read More

What is cancer telling you?

Happy June! The energy in Cleveland has been incredible! The city is still buzzing from the Cavs NBA Finals victory!! Of course you’re all aware of this but it’s worth repeating: The Cavs just won the NBA championship, the first team in NBA history to win after trailing 3-1 in the NBA finals!! What makes this […] Read More

Cancer-Fighting Drink

Hope you’re having a great start to spring! I absolutely love this time of year. All the leaves are popping up on the trees and flowers are in full bloom. It’s definitely a time of rebirth and renewal. During this time, I’d like to challenge you to try something that you may have let slide during the winter months, […] Read More

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