Rest assured, you’re not alone.

It is completely normal to feel a sense of unease, a sense of loss—not only the loss of control that you felt you once had over your body and health, but also the loss of the life that may have been.

Your life is going in one direction and then in a matter of minutes it completely gets turned up side down.  You do what ever it takes to get through treatment but when it’s over you’re overwhelmed with what you’ve just been through.

Suddenly the unwavering support you had from family and friends, not to mention your doctors and nurses, begins to dwindle as you try to find your “new normal.”

This can certainly be a time of anxiety about the future.

But here is what’s possible when you take back your power when it comes to your health:

  • You will begin to trust your body again
  • You will feel more confident in your body’s ability to remain disease-free
  • You will live life with more joy and ease about the future
  • You will have more energy to do what you love best
  • You will return to a state of wholeness and balance

Hayley Dubin

I am Hayley Dubin, and as a 19 year survivor of ovarian cancer, I have been in your shoes.  I remember how scared I felt after treatment, knowing that my frequent contact with cancer care providers would come to an end.

Yearning for some sense of control when it came to my life and health, I began to make changes in my diet and lifestyle and soon felt that I was in the driver’s seat of my healing journey.  I began to feel confident that I would remain cancer-free instead of feeling scared and unsure about my future. I began to live my life with more purpose and passion than ever before.

You can live this way too.  I am happy to show you how.

If you are ready to be empowered to take control over your health, so that you can live the joyful, vibrant life that is waiting for you, it’s time to schedule your Confidently Cancer-Free Breakthrough Session.

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