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We just came back from a great weekend in New York City. It was our younger son’s first trip there, so it was so much fun to watch him see everything for the first time!

There is such an energy and sense of aliveness in the city that I haven’t seen in many other places. Not to mention the fact that there are so many delicious food choices for the health conscious:)

When it comes to remaining vibrant and CANCER-FREE, eating as cleanly as possible, even when I’m away, is always a top priority.

One way I do this is to choose organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

Why? The pesticides that are most commonly sprayed on produce are endocrine disruptors, meaning they can interfere with our endocrine (or hormone) systems.

Some of the effects of endocrine disruptors include:

  • Mimicking hormones in the body such as estrogen and thyroid, which can produce over stimulation
  • Accumulating in organs that produce hormones
  • Interfering with hormone signaling
  • Competing with essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive

In a nutshell, when we alter our endocrine system, we disrupt our natural metabolic processes that keep us young, vital and disease-free!

If you can’t afford to go all organic or have limited access to organic produce, this list provided by the Environmental Working Group will help you prioritize:

Highest pesticide loads (Dirty Dozen):

Strawberries -Ÿ Apples -Ÿ Nectarines -Ÿ Peaches -Ÿ Celery -Ÿ Grapes -Ÿ Cherries -Ÿ Spinach Tomatoes -Ÿ Sweet Bell Peppers -Ÿ Cherry Tomatoes -Ÿ Cucumbers

Two others you should be aware of that didn’t make the list for highest pesticide residues but are sprayed with highly toxic pesticides:

Leafy Greens – Hot Peppers

Now to the cleanest produce, which is the least likely to hold pesticide residue:

Avocados -Ÿ Sweet Corn -Ÿ Pineapples -Ÿ Cabbage Ÿ- Frozen Sweet Peas – Onions
Asparagus -Ÿ Mangoes Ÿ- Kiwis Ÿ- Papayas -Ÿ Eggplant Ÿ- Honey Dew -Ÿ Grapefruit
Cantaloupe -Ÿ Cauliflower

Cheers to clean eating!

With love and good health,Need support in making the necessary changes to live cancer-free with confidence?  Contact me here!

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