Hayley is so positive, motivating and knowledgeable!  

During my sessions with Hayley, we talk about improving my overall physical and mental health, not just through dieting but through a concrete life plan, which we have developed together. My goals are geared towards losing weight and living a more enriched and healthful life. We discuss foods, menu planning, activities, exercise, barriers and challenges, which Hayley helps me to overcome.

To date, I have lost 35 pounds and have more energy than I’ve had in years! Best of all, during my recent visit to my internist, I was told my blood pressure is now normal, my cholesterol has gone down remarkably and I no longer have Metabolic Syndrome!

Hayley is so positive, motivating and knowledgeable and I feel great and empowered after I meet with her. For the first time, I am armored with the information and support I need to live a long, healthy and happy life!

Debbie H., Beachwood, OH   

I love that Hayley's a long-term cancer survivor and can relate to my needs.  

I chose to work with Hayley so I could live an anti-cancer lifestyle as much as possible. I loved that she was a long-term cancer survivor and could relate to my needs. Prior to working with her it was challenging for me to navigate through so much information and advice, particularly at a challenging time. She did most of the research and was successful so it saved me the time of reading tons of books and interviewing tons of doctors.

What I liked most about Hayley’s approach is that it was sensible and not over the top. In other words, it was very doable. I especially enjoyed our shopping trip together and am still using many of the products we bought that day.

Having her hold me accountable with little actions steps each time we met was key. I highly recommend her program. She is awesome!

Julie E., Chagrin Falls, OH   

I feel I can say I'm the one in my family who will NOT get cancer!  

I began working with Hayley because of a very strong family history of cancer - both parents, grandparents, aunts uncles, sibling - I felt like it was all around me and I needed to do something besides sit and wait for my turn.

Working with Hayley has drastically changed not only what I put in my body, but what I put on my body, what I surround myself with in my environment, and my lifestyle. These positive changes not only have improved my own quality of life, but those of my family as well.

I feel better physically (less bloated), emotionally (giving up negative feelings that are constricting and negatively affect my health), and have a much more positive outlook. I feel like I have taken some control of my life. Instead of waiting to be the next one to be affected by cancer, I feel I can say that I am the one in my family who will NOT get cancer.

I have enjoyed our sessions because of Hayley's kind, empathetic manner. I feel like our time together has been personalized according to my individual needs. Her responsiveness to my questions was always prompt and complete and her recommendations for articles, books, websites and recipes were always incredibly helpful.

Her personal approach and wealth of knowledge helped make enormous differences in my life. I am grateful beyond words!

I look forward to continuing my journey to wellness and now have the tools to continue along this path.

Cheryl K., Solon, OH   

Hayley’s approach was brilliant!  

I enrolled in Hayley's program because I really wanted to improve my overall health. I had cancer quite a few years back and although I haven’t had major health issues since, I wanted a plan to keep me healthy and full of energy as I age.

I not only learned about great nutrition in Hayley’s program, I also learned how to easily integrate delicious and nutritious foods into my busy routine. I really appreciated what a great listener she is and how she tailored a plan to fit my needs.

Hayley’s approach was brilliant! It has been instrumental in a major life change for me. She not only provided me with the tools I need to remain healthy but more importantly, gave me the confidence to pursue the career of my dreams. I feel happier and more confident and I am so appreciative of her faith and genuine interest in me.

Cindy T., Cleveland, OH   

Having the tools to move forward with an even healthier lifestyle is invaluable to me.  

When I met Hayley I already knew a lot about healthy living but because of my situation at the time I needed someone to guide me and help organize my life so I could really live it to the fullest each day. I was so scared and confused when we met and I did not have much support through family and friends so I’m very thankful for Hayley’s knowledge, advice and encouragement.

I could not have gotten through it alone. All the things we covered have touched on all aspects of my life and are all nicely organized in our binder, which I am so grateful to have on hand! I not only gained the help I needed but we also had fun! In addition, I’m a new mom so having the tools to move forward with an even healthier lifestyle is invaluable to me.

Kate B., Lyndhurst, Ohio   

Anyone who has gone through chemo owes it to herself to call Hayley.  

The help that Hayley has given me is invaluable. When you are hit suddenly with a cancer diagnosis and then all the challenges that come along with it, it is wonderful to have someone like Hayley to hold your hand once you are done with treatment. There is a lot to learn. It is a process.

Hayley is so sweet and she is a wealth of information. Anyone who has gone through chemo owes it to herself to call her. They won’t be sorry. She will impact your life. You deserve it!

Amy F., Beachwood, Ohio   

I can never thank Hayley enough.  

My time with Hayley was priceless! I can never thank her enough. She and "reVIVE wellness" have become part of my life!

Debbie M., Bainbridge, OH   

I have my energy back!  

I have only had one migraine since working with Hayley six months ago and I no longer use conventional medicine. To me this is a miracle as I was in so much pain previously. I also have my energy level back and can go to work and manage kids without feeling like a zombie.

I still have the same demands on my time as I did before but I have learned how to manage my life without letting stress affect my health.

Lisa Z., Shaker Hts., OH   

If you are ready to be empowered to take control over your health, so that you can live the joyful, vibrant life that is waiting for you, it’s time to schedule your Confidently Cancer-Free Breakthrough Session.

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